Going Postal, or The Postman Always Shoot Twice.

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For those who need better interaction or #bridging between #Hubzilla and #email #communication channels (both individual and via mailing lists) we start an initiative to develop a mailing #plugin. Come and see:

The Flying Inn, Mark I

I started building a network node that we will be able to take with us, wherever we need to go, having our data more or less securely stored, our own small wifi and some services running on RasPi Zero server.
Today I put together the first part -- power subsystem.
Components to acquire:
-- 5 or 12 V fan
-- Second battery
-- short cable mini/micro USB
-- mounting bolts for RasPi Zero
...and we are done.




#network #portable #hardware #CNI Data
How to add mail-only contact?

!Hubzilla Support Forum
cc: @Sheltered Side
I searched this forum, development forum, wiki and documentation and could not find a recipe how to add a connection using e-mail only.
The goal is of course to reach people who are not interested in setting up any kind of account, but still they wish to participate via sort of a mailing list interface. It is also for personal email contacts, so I could get rid of some less secure mail channels.

I remember there was a procedure for that in Friendica and I am pretty sure I read at least a mention of it for Hubzilla. But now I just cannot find anything...
Folks, the person that is going to coordinate it from our side is @Abaramotorai and the AnarchoTech for people . He joined our group in developer capacity. Thank you for your encouragement.  We will probably open a channel to manage the process and we will surely invite you there.
As soon as we finish with wind turbine monitoring unit, we go ahead with this problem.
So, here it is. Unless I messed up the contact/privacy settings (still my intuition needs re-training), you should be able to join.

Welcome to GOING POSTAL.

Yes, I'm doing exactly that. I'm putting the pieces together so I can deliver some sort of answer this week for connecting the turbine info with a web server and than create our page with this specifications. I'm totally with my hands on this this week.

Thank you stonehead!
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New CNI channel & call for curators!
We are also looking for people who want to help finding good sources of high quality inspirations and put some time into re-publishing content with meaningful comments. Such contribution would be highly appreciated and help us take the "CNI Coop Social center" off the ground.

The goal is to create information channels  covering the topics under broad definition of "Liberatory technology" — technology cultivated and implemented to empower self-organised communities.

We can define them as we wish. We have our own server, with installed Hubzilla (federated social network software) and full administrative control. The crucial thing is to get people on board, who'd take care of selectng quality (real, meaningful and practically oriented) content, put some intelligent introduction, hashtags and publish.

We want to make it a popular source among federated networks and bring more people both to the topic of technology as a tool for grassroot political change and to support CNI efforts in this area.

Talk to us, if you are interested. Share anyway.

#Grassroots #Technology #content

#Liberatory #Technology #libtech
Harper PollockHarper Pollock va escriure el següent entrada Fri, 11 May 2018 08:44:29 +0300
New CNI channel!
So, we start a new information channel. "Low & Appropriate Trusted TEchnology" aka L.A.T.TE feed.
It has three goals:
— to create a place where hand-picked and curated low-tech solutions will be presented, commented and discussed, outside of corporate media cage;
— to bring more people to our #Hubzilla instance and eventually get them involved in our projects;
— to increase visibility of our (micro)donation system, soon to be implemented online.
You can see the channel here: https://cni-coop.net/channel/cni-latte-feed, subscribe to RSS here: https://cni-coop.net/feed/cni-latte-feed or reach out across federated social media to add us: cni-latte-feed@cni-coop.net

Email connector soon!

#low-tech #lowtech #Appropriate #Technology
Metabolizer your trash!

This guy is really good. Sam Smith is in the middle of creating a bio-mimicking technological metabolizer -- a system to convert typical American household stream of waste into some useful resources (including fuel for metabolizer itself). He got into semi-finals of Hackaday's Open Hardware Challenge and has good chance for the main prize. Look at it!
YT Video


#Recycling #Appropriate #tech #SamSmith
Charger/controller for wind turbine generator

!Community Network Infrastructure Cooperative
I am looking for a source to buy (or order custom made) a charger/controller for wind electricity generator. Input up to 150 V DC, output 24 V DC. Power up to 1000 Watt. For now I need to get one, for prototyping needs, later about 10 per batch. Can you help me, please?

*** EU only! *** (or not, if you can help with importing it)
Profile image upload fails consistently

!Hubzilla Support Forum
When I try to change my profile (https://cni-coop.net/profile/cni) image, it consistently fails to upload new picture. "Image upload failed" -- and that's it. There is probably more diagnostics available, but I do not know where to look for it.

Docker installation.

Ingo: See attached (no).




Galette: Where can I check it? Also, intial image uploaded finely.
Well, my idea was that the image that you want to upload exceeds some 2 MB upload limit. But those images doesn't appear to be large enough.
Profile photos and Cover photos are the last remaining file uploads that are subject to PHP upload limits. You can upload into the editor or into your cloud storage without encountering these limits, but for these two activities,
check the php.ini for your webserver (you may have more than one php.ini) and review and possibly adjust


post_max_size needs to be larger than upload_max_size

If an upload results in a white screen (this can happen for some newer cellphone images if your server is in a memory starved environment) install the imagick program for your operating system. There is a place on the admin/site page to provide the path for externally generating stage1 thumbnails (usually /usr/bin/convert) rather than attempting to generate them in memory. You still want to give PHP as much memory as you can get away with, because this can affect your ability to export/backup/clone your channel content.
RSS is not recognised.

!Hubzilla Support Forum

Following the method given in FAQ, I was trying to add https://cnicoop.wordpress.com/feed/ as a connection to one of our channels (cni@cni-coop.net). However answer was "Remote channel or protocol unavailable.", both for explicit feed address and for standard URL.
Any suggestions?
I'm able to add the feed  https://cnicoop.wordpress.com/feed/ as a contact
Have you enabled admin->site->Allow Feeds as Connections ?

tip: create a channel "CNI" and then add the contact  https://cnicoop.wordpress.com/feed/
It was the admin thing, thank you.
Let's get to it.

!Community Network Infrastructure Cooperative
Our infrastructure (Hubzilla) is still in configuration, but we can start publishing now. As configuration advances, we will be moving communications channels here and retroactively publish previous content.

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