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Anarchist ethical code AD 1924

Awkward Google translation, slightly edited by yours truly.

Commune does not recognize any state and seeks to ensure that all the needs of the human collective, requiring organization were met by free association. The non-recognition of state is expressed in private proceedings of each of its members.
a) A member of the commune does not submit complaints to court.
b) does not participate in the jury courts.
c) does not testify in the court, except to save the defendant.
d) Does not accept subpoena in civil matters.
e) Do not perform judgments, which give him the power to harm someone.
f) Does not denounces thieves or criminals to the police.
g) does not help the police to detect or capture criminals.
h) Does not accept any job in the service of the police or of whatever government service.
i) Does not participate in any government or government assumed initiatives (eg. Superintendent of sobriety, clearly rural establishments of charity, etc.).
k) Does not participate in any symptoms of legalism of government nor any contributions by the government-initiated (eg. the proposed to rural communities public fundraising for monuments, schools, libraries).
l) If one can not refuse to take the oath (eg. in the army), it does not attach any value to it within his conscience.
m) If one can not refuse military service, however, in the event of war it behaves so as not to harm people, therefore, completely passively.
n) Does not recognize any civil rights, which the government gives in marriage over his wife and children.
o) Does not send the children to government schools.

Source: Law Associations "The Commune" with Edward Abramowski, Writings, Volume I, Warsaw 1924

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