New CNI channel!

  últim editat: Fri, 11 May 2018 08:45:16 +0300  
So, we start a new information channel. "Low & Appropriate Trusted TEchnology" aka L.A.T.TE feed.
It has three goals:
— to create a place where hand-picked and curated low-tech solutions will be presented, commented and discussed, outside of corporate media cage;
— to bring more people to our #Hubzilla instance and eventually get them involved in our projects;
— to increase visibility of our (micro)donation system, soon to be implemented online.
You can see the channel here:, subscribe to RSS here: or reach out across federated social media to add us:

Email connector soon!

#low-tech #lowtech #Appropriate #Technology
Other channels will start gradually, as we get more people on board, to take care of the content.