New CNI channel & call for curators!

We are also looking for people who want to help finding good sources of high quality inspirations and put some time into re-publishing content with meaningful comments. Such contribution would be highly appreciated and help us take the "CNI Coop Social center" off the ground.

The goal is to create information channels  covering the topics under broad definition of "Liberatory technology" — technology cultivated and implemented to empower self-organised communities.

We can define them as we wish. We have our own server, with installed Hubzilla (federated social network software) and full administrative control. The crucial thing is to get people on board, who'd take care of selectng quality (real, meaningful and practically oriented) content, put some intelligent introduction, hashtags and publish.

We want to make it a popular source among federated networks and bring more people both to the topic of technology as a tool for grassroot political change and to support CNI efforts in this area.

Talk to us, if you are interested. Share anyway.

#Grassroots #Technology #content