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Adjusting energy demand to supply or the other way round?

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Changing the rhythm of economy to follow availability of renewable resources is in line with general need for sustainability and resilience. Also, including the real cost of ever-readiness of resources (energy storage, transfer or source redundancy) will allow to decide which needs really have to be fulfilled at any time.

The article covers historical and potential future solutions in this area and is very good common base for all real discussion on this topic. The article also mentions the diversity of energy forms, needed for various activities, which opens an avenue to depart from electricity monoculture.

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How to Run the Economy on the Weather
Before the Industrial Revolution, people adjusted their energy demand to a variable energy supply. Our global trade and transport system -- which relied on sail boats -- operated only when the wind blew, as did the mills that supplied our food and powered many manufacturing processes. The same approach could be very useful today, especially when improved by modern technology. In particular, factories and cargo transportation -- such as ships and even trains -- could be operated only when renewable energy is available. Adjusting energy demand to supply would make switching to renewable energy much more realistic than it is today. Stoneferry (detail), a painting by John Ward of Hull. Renewable Energy in Pre-Industrial Times Before the Industrial Revolution, both...
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